i am REFUGE-E is not another project, not another mission statement, not even another challenge. Those seem to fade into the blackness set behind the stars when all is said and not done. i am REFUGE-E is a recognition of a life lived, a life acknowledged, a life awakened. Whether your taste is intelligent design, evolution or anything in between, the truth is that WE EXIST and we exist here and now. 

"i enjoy peaceful walks through night skies, although it's sad to see that nights die so days could live to the morning of fake lights, a fake bright, till the sun decides to take flight, shining on Sunnis and Shiites alike, Jews and Hindus, Christians and Buddhists, Blacks and Whites inspite of the hate fights.. "

i am REFUGE-E is a statement for savoring, a truth already spoken and active or one waiting to be uttered and experienced. i belong to you and you belong to me=the world is ours. Walk with me..

how can i be your REFUGE REFUGEE?




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