Mason Turner | Advocate @ Seeds Space

My focus in Thailand and Burma is to mentor, encourage, and show the children of Thailand and Burma that they have a purpose, that they are special, and that they have a SAVIOR and ABBA-FATHER who loves them very much. I’d like to introduce them personally to the GOD of my youth and share time, love, and energy with them. My passion is to see them receive education and to be given an opportunity to not only succeed in their adult lives but also to thrive.


Paris Winfrey | Advocate @ Seeds Space

God is calling all of us to live a life of adventure. For Paris, this journey has led him around the world pulling him closer to the hearts of the broken, the causes that drive him, and the Spirit that ignites him. 

After graduating from college with a degree in business and a toolbox full of what would seem like unrelated skills and passions, he set out on an 11-month mission trip called the Worldrace. During this time, God worked in and through him in miraculous ways, and the vision and calling for his life began to take shape. After returning to the states, God’s direction pointed to Thailand and the people that touched his heart – Outpour Movement. 

Paris’ focus will be on ministering to the youth of Mae Sot through the ministry called Seeds, leading people into the presence of God through worship, and forwarding the vision of the organization.