Her legacy..my life.


Her legacy..my life.

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When she prayed, i prayed next to her.

When she wept, i wept also..or made attempts to muster up tears.

When she spoke, everyone listened, or pretended to in order to avoid her swift hand.

When she challenged, she was giving you hugs.

When she quoted scripture, she was telling you "i love you, deeply!"

When your birthday arrived, her card arrived with it, filled with scriptures.

When she slept, she snored loudly, really loud!

When she slept, you didn't.

When she danced, you smiled.

When she sang, she invited you into harmony. 

When she joked, you laughed or swift hand. 

When she gave, always!

When she asked about you, always!

When she prayed for you, always!

When she sewed, she prayed.

When she sowed, you reaped. 

When her bible was opened, always..it still is. 

When life threw her pain, she hit grand slams. She made sure people were on base, she wanted to run with you.

When she cooked her special meals, people put in orders. 

When she held out her little arm & hand in church, it was because your gum chewing wasn't stealth enough. 

When she visited hospitals for her pain, she relieved the pain of others.

When she left hospitals, she was missed.

When you missed church, she reminded you. 

When church missed you, she reminded you and them.  

When the music played, she played better.

When she recited poems, you got a glimpse of her heart. 

When she embraced, you became family. 

When she breathed, she worshipped.

When she feared..never. 

When she loved..always.

When she heard my English in her home, she taught Spanish. 

She graduated the 2nd grade with a degree in life as a Puerto Rican immigrant. She didn't know stocks, but she invested the greatest amount anyone could invest, time and love. Her return: you, me and a legacy that reaches the uttermost parts of the earth. When she woke up on Dec. 1st. She asked me to grab her purse; money for subway and an offering.

When she offered..always.

When she died, she didn't. 


"O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"







A boy, not without a Father..


A boy, not without a Father..

 Photo ©:  Yohan Yoon

Photo ©: Yohan Yoon

Hello wonderful people! 

It's been awhile.

Lots has happened since my last post in November. 


Really Michael!?


Here's my attempt to catch you up:

From being refreshed at our team retreat to sadly having to meet with an investigator about children i know being trafficked to suddenly losing a dear friend to hosting an amazing Christmas outreach to welcoming wonderful teams to the continued development of the Seeds creative/worship space to most recently meeting and learning to love a joy filled character of a young man* 

*pictured above in the orange shirt..for good reason i've chosen not to reveal his face at this time.

The Story: 

For the purpose of discretion we will name the boy Saw Thoo.

It was February when i received the call. On the other line was a close Muslim friend, a 17yr. old young man who has become the little brother i never had. He spoke urgently:

"Brother, there's a boy sleeping in the market and he needs help.."

The first thing that stood out about Saw Thoo was his closed right eye and his limp walk..one or both very possibly given to him by his father, a man who let moments of drunkenness show the worst of him, Saw Thoo testifies.

Come to find out, Saw Thoo had been abandoned by his parents. Mom moved to Bangkok and dad was nowhere to be found. 

13yrs. old!


Sleeping in squalor!

No mom or dad!



but not by God.

It took him a bit to trust us, but once trust arrived we quickly witnessed the spirit of a boy who still possessed the power of hope. Immediately we involved others to best sort his story in order to help transition him into the best care available. 

There's much to say about this story, but the most beautiful thing that i could share is this: Saw Thoo has encountered the love of his Father, Abba. 

His encounter has become my encounter..i'm learning to carry my cross again, to be selfless and humble, to care deeply and consistently, to lean-in to the difficult, to see difficult moments as opportunities to really ask God..what is my role? Teach me how to love!

To simply be reminded that we are made for EACH OTHER!

What i need you to do: Please pray that God would show us at Outpour Movement what's next..We've been caring for Saw Thoo in a safe/clean home and have been trying to get him into a longterm home with the help of local orgs. Maybe he's suppose to stay with us? Maybe there's a better place? Pray with us as we trust God for answers, for resources, for the continual miracle of a young man, a SON known by his heavenly father. 

..and be sure to CAPTURE MOMENTS like Saw Thoo does so well! 



Jesus in a shack..imagine that!

Update: i've been able to take him in for daily cleanings at the local hospital..

Pray: for school placement, resources/daily work to help mom and family, for heart transformations..


SEEds..it begins!


SEEds..it begins!

They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were SEEds.
— Mexican Proverb

Ever CREATE a person? i mean from scratch like GOD did..crazy i know. How did GOD do that? Let me tell you, HE used:

1. HIS breath, voice..

2. Earth's dirt, dust, particles..

3. A man's rib..

BOOM, done! 

Ok, creation might've been a bit more elaborate than just my 3 points, but one thing it wasn't: DIFFICULT! 

Think about it..the creator of the universe speaks life and life becomes. i'm definitely asking for a replay when heaven arrives.

So what does CREATION have to do with this project called SEEds? EVERYTHING!

Imagine this space        the one below  

Imagine with me, take a second, the sweet sound of freedom escaping the mouths of young boys and girls with no worries for hours at a time. Unhindered laughter painting concrete floors splashed with greens and yellows. The sounds of musical instruments and voices filling the left behind cracks of yesterday's gloom. The sound of foot-to-takraw and hand-to-volleyball, basketball, pencil and pen. The 'snap-snap' sounds of cameras capturing and 'splat-splat' sounds of paintbrushes coloring..the sounds are endless.

These sounds are the sounds of CREATION, sons and daughters enduring and overcoming the tragedy of 65+ years of civil war.

Why does this matter? Because right here in Mae Sot Thailand GOD has given me and my team, Outpour Movement, an opportunity to build a creative space [SEEds] for youth of various backgrounds and faiths..from scratch! 

A space where kids can be kids and grow into so much more. 

In order to do this we have to raise money, no biggie, GOD is faithful..but that also means that i have to get off my fanny and ask, email, post, tag, ask again..but mostly, i get to TRUST GOD!

Not only are we creating the SEEds space, but we're also buying land for an Emergency Placement Home for victims of trafficking and abuse, as well as expanding our current Training Center that provides youth from Burma with fair paying jobs [view all details here]. To fund the our whole project we're on a mission to raise $180,000, my personal goal is to raise $20,000 and hopefully beyond :)

i'm thinking i could sell 800 tees for $25 a pop..

or maybe i could put together a bike event that connects both worlds..

or maybe i could write a spoken word piece to inspire a movement..

or maybe..

One thing's for sure..i want for YOU to watch this video, this touching story of when we found our first SEEd, a young boy by the name of Khin who grew up in the dumps of Maesot.

Maybe you can't give me $20,000, but you could help me fundraise, you could help me get one step closer to the CREATION of a SPACE that will transform lives..a SPACE you get to build with me, with us, from SCRATCH!


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HE did it AGAIN!

HE meaning my pops, but also meaning a very special boy by the name of Khin..let me explain:

On April 7th of this year i flew back to the states to visit my family and to do quite a bit of networking and speaking. It was definitely a different type of "trip back," great nonetheless.

Sometimes it's easy to forget how proud my dad is of me, considering how i do spend most of my time on the other side of the world and sometimes Skype communication isn't as consistent as i'd like it to be [my bad pops.] One thing is for sure tho, i know he's proud!

How do i know? Well, let's just say that it seems like every chance he gets he wants to introduce me to someone..the neighbor, the mailman, the store attendant, the waitress, the pastor, the family friend i've never met..you get the picture. i remember not knowing how to handle this sort of attention as a youth, but i've matured a bit and am now deeply thankful for a father who can simply yet powerfully say: "..this is MY SON."





Meet Khin..a 15 yr. old boy with quite the past [Khin's story here.] A boy who, unlike me, has never encountered the love of his real father. Khin was born into a life of landfills, a life void of the deep love of a mom and dad..but HOPE found HIS way into Khin's heart. We at Outpour Movement, by ABBA's grace, have journeyed with Khin for the last 2 years, allowing his story to ignite in us a deeper desire to see young men like him FREE AGAIN!

To see young men like Khin embrace that they are not thieves, trash pickers, fatherless, lost, forgotten..

To see young men like Khin embrace that they are SEEds..swimming in dirt so deep they touch earth in ways that move her..to create, to embrace, to journey, to become, to GROW..

SEEds driven by the JOY of yesterday's victories..

All around the world they try to BURY young men like Khin..but here's one thing the evil in this world fails to realize:



"HE did it again.." is more about the way a FATHER'S LOVE pursues us and less about our mess ups! 

i need PARTNERS! 

Click here to read more about SEEds..

Partner with me and my team as we purpose to change lives, inspire futures and simply introduce children to their FATHER!

if you're interested in making a one-time donation or supporting me monthly please click below:


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The Moment YOU!

Already 2 years on the mission field! Some of the hardest times, yet some of the GREATEST!

It started in 2010 when i met Ray [pictured above] and his wife Candace..fast forward to April of 2013 when i made the move to Thailand and started teaching English at a children’s home, fast forward again and now i’ve been given the opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream: to help build and direct a new project: SEEds..a creative space for streets kids, landfill kids, Muslim kids, Buddhist kids, Christian kids..you get the picture! 

Where YOU come in: my TEAM and i have been working extremely hard to put together a fundraiser gala in South Bend Indiana that will help kick off a Kickstarter campaign to help us raise FUNDS for SEEds and for the purchase of land that will house a safe home and children’s home and so much more.

Cleanup at SEEds, Mae Sot Thailand 2015

The event is called The Moment YOU Changed the World! 

We know we can’t do this alone..so you’re invited! 

Come enjoy music by Bleeding Keys, Spoken Word, a Silent Auction and more..even a chance to win the new Apple Watch! 

Date/Time: Saturday May 9th, 2015 @ 7:30pm 
Cost: $35/Person $195/Group of 6 
 $17.50/Child 5-12 years old,  $0/Child 5 years and under
*Save money, invite friends! *

Location: Century Center in South Bend, IN
[120 South Saint Joseph Street, South Bend, IN 46601]

**To Purchase Tickets and for Complete details visit: outpourmovement.com

“Sorry Michael, i can’t make it!” 

That’s okay..would you consider donating a ticket or 100 and in your honor we will put your name on a BRICK to be placed at the SEEds property on a wall of HOPE, as a reminder to the youth of Thailand and Burma that they are not forgotten, they are not alone on their journey, OUR journey. 

Love ya!

                                       Team OutPour

if you're interested in making a one-time donation or supporting me monthly

please click below:



They tried to bury US..

They tried to bury US. They didn’t know we were SEEDS.
— Mexican Proverb

3 days ago i arrived in the U.S. [Chicago] for a short visit with family & friends, and hopefully new friends, new strangers, and new family by trip's end. From January 1st until right now, 1:45am CDT (super jet lag,) my life has been:















                               vulnerable..and so many more of these wonderful words.

One word my life hasn't been is: regretful.

Every valley, every storm, every mess, every trip and fall, every lie fought, every misunderstanding talked through, every ounce of tears, every loss of strength, every fade of hope, every can of questions and every gallon of doubt..

has been WORTH fighting through to sit at the table. 

Through it all, i know where my HELP comes from, my HELP comes from the LORD!
— Psalms 121:2

This table, this wood stained, glossed table i speak of is where a group of SEEDS have been sitting, the young boys and girls who don't know where their HELP comes from. They've gotten a glimpse when we've reflected, but my HOPE is greater: that they would KNOW the MAKER of heaven and earth! 

HOW? Many of you know, i've been living in Thailand as a missionary for almost 2 years..teaching english, volunteering with my team [OutPour Movement] at our self-sustaining projects aka a burger restaurant and bike shop start-ups that provide Youth from Burma fair paying wages and business/trade skills. The rest of my days are usually spent with the street child, the families with less than enough, the Buddhist, the Muslim. These relationships continue to flourish and so does the vision for a CREATIVE SPACE, a SANCTUARY of sorts for youth who need a SAFE place to simply BE and EXPRESS. 

a place we will call SEEds.

Why SEEds? 

..because for the last 60+ years the people of Burma have been uprooted from their land and forced to survive elsewhere. The result, a young generation [scattered SEEds] searching for their roots in foreign lands. My team and i have been doing some gathering of SEEds because we understand that a SEED planted in good soil-space GROWS, and growth is only made possible by the people doing the SOWING, the WATERING, and of course the SON. An opportunity for us, an opportunity for you. Stay tuned as we develop and implement our core creative projects that will give youth the opportunity to create, to learn, to GROW!

..you can’t bury a SEED.

Partner with me and my team as we purpose to change lives, inspire futures and simply introduce children to their FATHER!

On May 9th we will gather to SHARE our MOMENTS and the MOMENTS we look forward to having with the YOUTH of Thailand and Burma..

JOIN US! Take a minute..Visit: www.OutPourMovement.com for complete details and COME be a part of the MOMENT YOU..CHANGED the WORLD!


if you're interested in making a one-time donation or supporting me monthly please click below: