Chicago, my city of birth, is known for its graffiti stamped walls. By some called art, by others called vandalism.  Both sides might agree that a MESSAGE, good or bad/purposeful or ignorant, is the reason; the walls just happen to be the canvas. Back in the day disembodied hands seemed to be one way of illustrating the MESSAGE, Krylon cans came later - a few thousand years later…

THE STORY: In short, a King decides to celebrate with the gold and silver “cups” his father stole from GOD’S temple so that he could party with his women and homies, worshiping his idols…then suddenly a human hand appeared and began writing/graffing on the wall of the palace. The King freaks out and calls for someone to translate the writing, his fortune-tellers fail, but Daniel does not!

WHY? Because TRUTH was revealed to Daniel and he SPOKE IT, he wasn’t afraid!

To one King, Daniel said: “So, king, take my advice: Make a clean break with your sins and start living for others. Quit your wicked life and look after the needs of the down-and-out. Then you will continue to have a good life.”

Daniel made it clear to the King that GOD sent the hand that wrote on the wall…

Once again around the world walls are speaking, telling us that POVERTY must END, that we must make a clean break from our sins and start LIVING FOR OTHERS!

LET US: LIVE FOR OTHERS, compared to most of the world we live kingly lives...

LET US: RESPOND to the writing!

Refuse to let the mystery of the writings freak you out.  Allow the AWE of the WRITER move you to more than just the satisfaction of a translation…

A WORLD waits to be embraced and quite frankly presidents on green paper notes can’t pull that off…REVOLUTION requires INVOLVEMENT, not just dollars, a PASSION that LIVES to REFRESH the least of these, the reason for LOVE, the reason for YOU!

TRUTH has been revealed:

  • More than half of the 156 million citizens of Bangladesh live below the poverty line in a country the size of the state of Iowa.

  • Approximately 1.4 billion people live in Extreme Global Poverty.

  • 925 million hungry people in 2010.