con•vict / -verb /  1. to impress with a sense of guilt. //  -noun /  2. a person proved or declared guilty of an offense.

i’ve sat in church pews in America and have felt the conviction that comes with hearing stories about the poor in other countries.

i’ve reclined on lazy boy chairs and have felt the guilt that comes with watching images of extreme poverty displayed on television screens.

i’ve seen the documentaries, i’ve read the books, i even stood above a young boy in Rwanda, Africa to capture this photo…i HAVE!

i once heard someone say that a picture of a fire never burned anyone, in the same way that my

conviction feeling,

guilt watching

or reality capturing didn’t FEED a young boy.

i was impressed with a sense of guilt, and even proved guilty of an offense i like to call “LOVE on backorder.” LOVE on backorder!? Maybe the latest pair of Jordans or the next iPhone, but LOVE!

“If i give everything i own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but i don’t LOVE, i’ve gotten nowhere. So, no matter what i say, what i believe, and what i do, i’m bankrupt without LOVE!”    -1 Cor. 13:3-7

Without a doubt the demand is high, but HEAVEN’S warehouses don’t know backorders, ABBA GOD isn’t BANKRUPT and neither should HIS children be.

The -verb /  of conviction continues to IMPRESS, but no longer guilty i’ve appealed, and now a higher JUDGE reviews my case and turns my LOVE into a verb, for too long it’s been a person, place or thing!

i once knew a love that only feels, watches and captures, but now i know a LOVE that feeds and quenches thirst…a LOVE that DOES! i DO

and so i GO