800,000 is the approximate number of apps available in the iOS app store to be accessed on the iPhone aka spacephone, which has sold well into the hundreds of millions worldwide. Giving us the popularly coined phrase: "there's an APP for that!"

At 33 years i feel okay with claiming my piece of "old age" in order to illustrate my "i remember when" or "back in the day" expressions. The ones when mom would say "read the instructions Michael" or a simple and direct "just figure it out!"

No app store, no iPhone, simply a request to make an attempt.

10 days ago i boarded a plane in L.A. for Kathmandu. Truth be told, i wanted to leave with an iPhone 5 in hand, considering my 4* is not as responsive as i'd like it to be for the amazing photos and videos i would soon capture, right?

I'd saved enough money for the new iPhone and even had a good friend express a desire to help out with cost. A few times i was left staring blankly at a screen thinking: "dang! that sold for a good price." Ebay auction after auction ended, but i had PEACE, for some reason i just knew i wasn't supposed to spend that money.

5 days ago it all made sense, but first the backstory: 2 years ago in April the Lord introduced me to the little security lady outside of my hostel in Thamel. Her name, Sonika, a Nepalese woman with a humility like no other. That month in Nepal He engraved in my heart a LOVE for her and her family, 3 children, that would afford me the opportunity to make an attempt, attempt at what? At putting my FAITH where my mouth was.

There's an APP for that!

An APPlication of FAITH, of HIS WORD, of HIS PROMISES, of KINGDOM in the lives of others. For the last 3 school years i've been moved to help this mother with school expenses for as long as they attend, but not without the help of YOU, THANK YOU!

This year i decided i would surprise them with a visit, a display of our FATHER'S LOVE, and here's a glimpse of what took place:

Little did i know that my family's earthly father and husband had walked out on them, that their old house or 10X10 room had burned down, that things had definitely taken a turn for the worse, but ABBA, oh ABBA! Our FATHER who nudged me stateside when searching for an iPhone, who nudged a mother in a village outside of Kathmandu to PRAY and TRUST that HE would have HIS WAY!  

Sonika would express to us, almost in tears, that she'd prayed and knew something was going to happen.

HIS way is more than putting kids through school or helping a family with their basic needs, but a desire in us to BE an expression of ABBA, whose LOVE has brought us near and made us ALIVE in HIM, that others would also be made ALIVE!

 *Kinda funny, since i last edited this blog a few hours ago, my iPhone went down with me into a river by accident and is now sitting in rice, oh the irony!

Prayer does not change the purpose of God. But prayer does change the action of God.
— Chuck Smith


  • physical and, more importantly, spiritual needs were met! 
  • i still want an iPhone 5, but not at the expense of my obedience to what HE wants first.
  • i desire to be instant in season and out of season-not what i feel. I like how Oswald Chambers expounds on this notion: "The season does not refer to time, but to US. If we do only what we feel inclined to do, some of us would do nothing forever and ever. The proof that we are rightly related to God is that we do our best whether we feel inspired or not." 
  • PAY ATTENTION and APPly FAITH! Don't make a god out of your best moments, GOD is GOOD all by HIMSELF!


Much THANKS to my brother Timothy who made it all possible on long motorbike rides for 3 straight days!