Photo ©:  Yohan Yoon

Photo ©: Yohan Yoon

Hello wonderful people! 

It's been awhile.

Lots has happened since my last post in November. 


Really Michael!?


Here's my attempt to catch you up:

From being refreshed at our team retreat to sadly having to meet with an investigator about children i know being trafficked to suddenly losing a dear friend to hosting an amazing Christmas outreach to welcoming wonderful teams to the continued development of the Seeds creative/worship space to most recently meeting and learning to love a joy filled character of a young man* 

*pictured above in the orange shirt..for good reason i've chosen not to reveal his face at this time.

The Story: 

For the purpose of discretion we will name the boy Saw Thoo.

It was February when i received the call. On the other line was a close Muslim friend, a 17yr. old young man who has become the little brother i never had. He spoke urgently:

"Brother, there's a boy sleeping in the market and he needs help.."

The first thing that stood out about Saw Thoo was his closed right eye and his limp or both very possibly given to him by his father, a man who let moments of drunkenness show the worst of him, Saw Thoo testifies.

Come to find out, Saw Thoo had been abandoned by his parents. Mom moved to Bangkok and dad was nowhere to be found. 

13yrs. old!


Sleeping in squalor!

No mom or dad!



but not by God.

It took him a bit to trust us, but once trust arrived we quickly witnessed the spirit of a boy who still possessed the power of hope. Immediately we involved others to best sort his story in order to help transition him into the best care available. 

There's much to say about this story, but the most beautiful thing that i could share is this: Saw Thoo has encountered the love of his Father, Abba. 

His encounter has become my encounter..i'm learning to carry my cross again, to be selfless and humble, to care deeply and consistently, to lean-in to the difficult, to see difficult moments as opportunities to really ask God..what is my role? Teach me how to love!

To simply be reminded that we are made for EACH OTHER!

What i need you to do: Please pray that God would show us at Outpour Movement what's next..We've been caring for Saw Thoo in a safe/clean home and have been trying to get him into a longterm home with the help of local orgs. Maybe he's suppose to stay with us? Maybe there's a better place? Pray with us as we trust God for answers, for resources, for the continual miracle of a young man, a SON known by his heavenly father. 

..and be sure to CAPTURE MOMENTS like Saw Thoo does so well!