i dare you to Google search the words "Christians and Muslims." Your results will very likely yield some writings of the violent conditions surrounding these two religious groups. i write "dare" because such an act in certain parts of the world creates real danger for the person doing the SEARCHING. Friends, this is REAL! 

i want to share another REAL thing..LOVE! 

My love for the Muslim community is the result of a "mild" attack on Christmas day of 2006, in Istanbul Turkey. i was attacked for handing out New Testament Bibles, as gifts, to passers-by. This painful encounter didn't create rage or bitterness toward the Muslim people, it actually did the opposite. It moved me to search for deeper understanding, to ask deeper questions, to recognize a DEEPER LOVE.

A few weeks ago my team was invited to come into a predominantly Muslim community to do something "Christmas." Yesterday we arrived, and the main character of that oh so wonderful Christmas story arrived with us. 

i think sometimes we PLAN too much what "the doing" should look like and we forget what THE PERSON, what WE are supposed to look like..HIS IMAGE..LOVE.

i could go on and on in detail of yesterday's events..instead i'm choosing to simply share that LOVE showed up, people were healed, lives were changed and residues of JOY and PEACE remained.

News outlets are filled with the horrors dividing these two groups of people..my HOPE in these words is for YOU to seek out the POSSIBLE

the JOY





the LOVE

between these two worlds. i purpose to do just that, over some Lahpet Thoke (pronounced “la-pay toe”) or Burmese Tea Leaf salad and maybe some tea, but always with a pinch of INTENTIONAL.

Friendships are always better over a meal, over some real HEART to HEART.