the night before

the night before

*i'm using this little boy's NEW name in order to protect his identity

*this is an actual message i wrote to my team after encountering GOD while searching for a lost boy, a SON!

My Fam',

Fitting that The Rend Collective's Second Chance song has played in my headphones for the last 2 hours..

"..Fragments of brokenness salvaged by the art of GRACE, you CRAFT LIFE from our MISTAKES.."

i don't claim to have answers for the actions of a 13 yr. old boy whose rotten past life i've only gotten a glimpse of, but whose transformation i'm extremely honored to take part in..

TODAY was quite draining, as i spent pretty much my whole day in search of a "thief" who stole more than 5000 Baht (≈$150) the kid is steeling my heart..

i'm in no way writing this to justify Peter's actions..these words are simply me processing yet another glimpse with you my family..

it doesn't surprise me that this all goes down 3 days after i was almost brought to tears as Peter shared his testimony..i'm reminded of the verse in Revelation that declares that:

"they overcame him (the accuser) by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony.."

the kid is OVERCOMING! and quite honestly it sometimes doesn't look like what i want it to look's messy, i'm messy!

it's pretty easy for me to tell people that i want to be a father to the's a lot harder when i'm actually welcomed into someone's MESS…

it started with me looking down at a boy who felt at home sleeping on a cold, dirty street..running from love, stealing from support and lured back to lies!

it was almost 5pm when i'd given up following him..then he followed me, and after what looked like a daze or deep thought he asked me to walk him back HOME..yup, that's what i look like when i sin..thankfully ABBA doesn't give up.

i'm happy to say that for me it ended with a time in prayer over Peter's life, where most of the boys/men at New Jerusalem circled Peter & spoke life into him and spoke death and shame off of him, which later resulted in Peter falling asleep next to me, snoring right into my ear.

he might run another 70 more times..i just want to be there to remind him that someone, not me, is CHASING HIM!

He's FREE, he just doesn't know it!

and yes we should dialogue about all of this moving forward..some of us, like me, are invested more than others and that's kool, but i'm confident that collectively we could discuss how to move forward accordingly...i just needed to BREATHE these words..

BeLOVE(d)!                                                                                                                                                                            michael


i Reflect

..sometimes you have to BREATHE!




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