HE meaning my pops, but also meaning a very special boy by the name of Khin..let me explain:

On April 7th of this year i flew back to the states to visit my family and to do quite a bit of networking and speaking. It was definitely a different type of "trip back," great nonetheless.

Sometimes it's easy to forget how proud my dad is of me, considering how i do spend most of my time on the other side of the world and sometimes Skype communication isn't as consistent as i'd like it to be [my bad pops.] One thing is for sure tho, i know he's proud!

How do i know? Well, let's just say that it seems like every chance he gets he wants to introduce me to someone..the neighbor, the mailman, the store attendant, the waitress, the pastor, the family friend i've never met..you get the picture. i remember not knowing how to handle this sort of attention as a youth, but i've matured a bit and am now deeply thankful for a father who can simply yet powerfully say: "..this is MY SON."





Meet Khin..a 15 yr. old boy with quite the past [Khin's story here.] A boy who, unlike me, has never encountered the love of his real father. Khin was born into a life of landfills, a life void of the deep love of a mom and dad..but HOPE found HIS way into Khin's heart. We at Outpour Movement, by ABBA's grace, have journeyed with Khin for the last 2 years, allowing his story to ignite in us a deeper desire to see young men like him FREE AGAIN!

To see young men like Khin embrace that they are not thieves, trash pickers, fatherless, lost, forgotten..

To see young men like Khin embrace that they are SEEds..swimming in dirt so deep they touch earth in ways that move her..to create, to embrace, to journey, to become, to GROW..

SEEds driven by the JOY of yesterday's victories..

All around the world they try to BURY young men like Khin..but here's one thing the evil in this world fails to realize:



"HE did it again.." is more about the way a FATHER'S LOVE pursues us and less about our mess ups! 

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