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When she prayed, i prayed next to her.

When she wept, i wept also..or made attempts to muster up tears.

When she spoke, everyone listened, or pretended to in order to avoid her swift hand.

When she challenged, she was giving you hugs.

When she quoted scripture, she was telling you "i love you, deeply!"

When your birthday arrived, her card arrived with it, filled with scriptures.

When she slept, she snored loudly, really loud!

When she slept, you didn't.

When she danced, you smiled.

When she sang, she invited you into harmony. 

When she joked, you laughed or swift hand. 

When she gave, always!

When she asked about you, always!

When she prayed for you, always!

When she sewed, she prayed.

When she sowed, you reaped. 

When her bible was opened, still is. 

When life threw her pain, she hit grand slams. She made sure people were on base, she wanted to run with you.

When she cooked her special meals, people put in orders. 

When she held out her little arm & hand in church, it was because your gum chewing wasn't stealth enough. 

When she visited hospitals for her pain, she relieved the pain of others.

When she left hospitals, she was missed.

When you missed church, she reminded you. 

When church missed you, she reminded you and them.  

When the music played, she played better.

When she recited poems, you got a glimpse of her heart. 

When she embraced, you became family. 

When she breathed, she worshipped.

When she feared..never. 

When she loved..always.

When she heard my English in her home, she taught Spanish. 

She graduated the 2nd grade with a degree in life as a Puerto Rican immigrant. She didn't know stocks, but she invested the greatest amount anyone could invest, time and love. Her return: you, me and a legacy that reaches the uttermost parts of the earth. When she woke up on Dec. 1st. She asked me to grab her purse; money for subway and an offering.

When she offered..always.

When she died, she didn't. 


"O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"