Reminisce: i still remember many of my coming home moments. My after school run-ups to a small 3rd floor apartment filled with love in the form of mom's home cooked meals, freshly washed everything and a "que DIOS te bendiga" for my requested "bendicion," or the Puerto Rican way of asking for a blessing.

Fast forward so many odd years later to my arrival HOME from travelling the world for almost a year, again to be embraced by LOVE, and the sweet PEACE and fresh aroma of HOME. i was blessed to have those moments, to cherish them, but mostly to GIVE them BACK!

Remember when you rode that roller-coaster before your friends or received the gift everybody wanted, the excitement of that moment? Now think back again to the feeling of wanting to share that moment with others, your desire for others to experience what you experienced, that fresh thrill of introducing others to your newfound joy.

Memories are GOOD, SHARING them are BETTER, MAKING them a reality for others: BEST!

Roughly a month ago i met an AMAZING group of teenagers whose coming home moments were taken from them. No mom cooking for them, no fresh sheets, no real PEACE! Some of these teens travelled for weeks to get to a refugee camp in search of "home" to find HOPE from the horror that has plagued Burma for so many years.

Displaced, but found by ABBA, a FATHER so in LOVE with HIS children that HE orchestrates on their behalf. I'm excited to share with you that right now HE'S orchestrating and it sounds heavenly, a tune for your ears as much as mine.

Some of you might be wondering: "Michael, what exactly is this tune you speak of, what exactly have you been doing in Thailand?"

Here it is: i've been given the opportunity to REFLECT JESUS to the 7

to the young person who wrote on rocks to do school work because their school was burned down

to the teen who ate the roots of trees to survive in the jungle away from Burma's army

to SON's and DAUGHTER's who left HOME in search of HOPE! 

CAN YOU HEAR IT? It's what heaven sounds like.. 


INVEST and BE a PART of what we're doing






  • HE'S gone to prepare a place (John 14:2,3)..Will you GO to prepare a place? Will you GIVE to prepare a place? Will you SEND to prepare a place? 
  • There will always be opportunities to GIVE, or EXCUSES to wait for those "other" opportunities, or to simply not give because you could only give a "little." GIVE!
  • Be a part of what ABBA is doing in the EARTH! 
  • STAY TUNED for next BLOG: i got PUNCHED, seriously! ABBA is still GOOD!