..when GOD introduced me to ANGELS at the local trash dump! 

Remember me, i'm that 72 kilo (160lbs) hug lovin', spanglish speakin', arroz con gandules hungerin', Puerto Rican missionary "kid" from Chicago..the one who hasn't blogged in quite some time, that's me!

So now that you remember me. Hello. Bendiciones. Sawadee Krup. Mingala-ba.

i'll start with an "i'm SORRY!" Sorry for not sharing all the amazing, the difficult, the joyful, the challenging, the crazy..all the STUFF that's been happening 'round these parts.

Here's a glimpse:

January: Returned to Thailand from a bittersweet trip to the states. Wonderful time with family and friends, hard time losing my cousin, nonetheless a time of reflection and seeing GOD's goodness even when the winds blow hard..in Chicago or any part of the world. 

February: Found myself sitting in a court room with a young man who months prior had gripped my heart. We now call him Peter Khin, a former street/dump kid from Burma who has survived more than you could probably imagine..SURVIVED! After healing from an almost fatal fall, which caused two broken arms and a near serious cut to the neck, he found himself fighting a theft case. As a Burmese undocumented child, things didn't look bright for him. SO what happened? Let's just say, what the enemy meant for bad, ABBA smacked the enemy to remind him that he can't touch HIS kids! Khin is currently attending school and trying his best to stay focused at the New Jerusalem Ministry home i partner with. Peter Khin is moving forward!

March: Bike shop grand opening, but more than a bike shop, we're talking a SPACE where young men will recognize their worth, their identity in CREATOR GOD!

Check us out at: www.famousraysbicycleshop.com

My team OutPour Movement's trip to Burma was epic..to be able to SEE the beginnings of what GOD has in store, as we purpose to work alongside the Burmese people is humbling, yet amazing. 

April: Great connects with government & school officials that paved the way for our first BeUtify community event in May and opened doors for collaborative future projects.

The dump visit (photo above) that continues to stir the men on my team that arrived that afternoon with HEARTS and instruments..and departed with a new BEAT to the HEART! 

..and thankfully a team retreat that made way for GOD to refreshen us, giving us an opportunity to be vulnerable with each other and to reignite us for the mission(s) ahead.

May: The BeUtify Project! Oh what an honor it was to head this up with my amazing team and some amazing World Racers (3rd Gen. B squad) they ROCKED, as folks from various communities (Buddhist, Muslim..) caught a glimpse of the FATHER. We were honored to provide a safe, spiritual, creative, fun and engaging space for kids who'd probably never had such an experience..we were blessed, because of kind donations, to feed up to 300 kids and parents. We even rocked out at a mini concert with our new bro' Lancifer. Oh yeah, a coup! Thailand is currently under martial law, thankfully things are chill where i live so i am in no real danger..pray for Thailand! Please PRAY for the "illegals" from Burma whose houses are being burned as they're driven out by the Military here.

June and BEYOND: Trying to cultivate REST, a return to INTIMACY with HIM..we fool ourselves when we think that we MUST GO ON! Yes, we must, but with HIS aroma so saturated on our hearts..if not, we STINK! 


What's NEXT:

i'm DREAMING again..many of you know that i've had a heart for street children and the arts for a long time. Well, come September i will be transitioning into a new space, a space i PRAY will become a CREATIVE HAVEN for street children, a space for PRAYER, WORSHIP and GROWTH! Right now i'm praying, and simply posturing myself for this next season, don't know details, don't know location, don't know how much, but i KNOW! i know that ABBA's in control and that HE's the GREATEST director that Hollywood still can't seem to find. SO come September i will step out and i will trust and watch GOD do what HE does best, ORCHESTRATE! 

RIGHT NOW: i'm simply PRAYING/FASTING together with a few young men from Burma who will potentially join me as staff. i am looking for THE SPACE, THE BUILDING, THE PLACE where GOD will revive the HEARTS of YOUTH! i am in the process of developing a budget for this endeavor and will humbly ask YOU to SUPPORT US monthly to see this PROJECT off the ground. Please pray, stay tuned and i dare you to ask GOD what your role is in this project, this dream, this opportunity to see a GENERATION TRANSFORMED for CHRIST! #GOye


My current NEED: i'm kinda in serious need of more monthly support, as some some of my amazing supporters from this past year on the field have had to steward their donations else where..would you consider joining me.. $25, $50, $100 a month. (Click Below/Email Me)

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.
— Hudson Taylor, MissionHEir to China


Let's GO!