Recently, a missionary friend passing through Thailand shared these words:

“..i was tired of making an impact, i wanted to make an INVESTMENT.”

To hear it was instant resonation, and after my heart’s 2 skips, 3 somersaults and 2 front flips, i was instantly reminded of my heartfelt longing 2 yrs. prior, post my 11 month/11 country backpacking missions adventure. A longing that wouldn’t be satisfied by another ‘trip,’ as if i were getting high on monthlies or something and it was time for a new ‘high.’

For me, it was time..time to INVEST

Another short term trip to another country just wasn't going to do it for me. My longing to GO started over 10 yrs. ago. So it's safe to say that the desire was somewhat tested by the many trips, the many countries, the many cultures, languages, encounters, victories, battles..but at the end of the day, i still had a decision to make and that still felt risky, because it was never about me fully knowing, but fully TRUSTING: Am i really going to TRUST GOD in this?

i’m not discouraging short-term anything, what i am discouraging is short-term addiction.

“Hello, my name is michael perez and i am a recovering short-term addict..”

i will say one thing about my above confession and maybe come back to that story in a later blog. Short term for me wasn’t always the short time i spent somewhere. It was the little focus i invested because of a desire to be somewhere else or the distraction of something else, as if to think that being half committed equaled commitment.

So this time around i decided i would again TRUST GOD in my GO, my long-term stay, my starting a new home in a foreign land, my desire to put my resources, time & gifts where HIS WORD was calling me.

Thankfully GOD didn't feel the need to 'turn off notifications' after creation or JESUS the need to turn off HIS 'Twitter' account after resurrection and thank GOD the HOLY SPIRIT doesn't need my endorsement on ‘LinkedIn’ to make HIS work credible. WE NEED HIM!

INVEST is what GOD does, what HE's been doing since 'in the BEGINNING..' HIS agape LOVE keeps giving even when it gets nothing back in return, eat your heart out Wall Street!


These PHOTOS above are TESTIMONIES, PROOF that GOD should be TRUSTED with what's already HIS.

The question is: Could you be TRUSTED to GIVE it BACK for a GREATER RETURN?

For some of you this is simply a reminder, an affirmation..

For others: a kick in the pants. A challenge to put your money/time/resources where your mouth is, where you claim your FAITH is..  WILL YOU INVEST!?




3 months ago i met these wonderful youth and their house parents just outside a Refugee Camp in Thailand. Today we worship, study the Bible and simply enjoy time together at their new HOME. We've become FAMILY. Their journey away from home  and into a refugee camp is beyond me; their JOY is inspiring. Read more of their story [HERE]


i didn't think my move to Thailand would entail co-managing a burger joint that was started to give youth from Burma fair-wage work as well as a means for sustaining & creating projects that would help benefit many others. It didn't take long to realize that it was much bigger than that: the relationships, the LIFE on LIFE, the true INVESTMENT. TIME reveals, and in the short time that i've been doing life with these amazing youth, it's revealing the FATHER'S HEART for HIS CHILDREN and my willingness to simply be present.

STORiES *Khin aka Paul

From the garbage dumps & streets he called home to the front steps of a burger joint to being welcomed into a children's home known as New Jerusalem, with lots of craziness in between. Khin is a miracle in the works, or as i like to say, a Saul on his dMASKus road. A name change is in order!


Almost 2 yrs. ago i committed to INVESTING in this single mother & her children..mainly the children's education. GOD has afforded me the opportunity to support until present time. i am TRUSTING GOD to help this mother open her own small store to help sustain her & her family. Today, by GOD'S GRACE, they are being discipled by a Nepalese pastor friend of mine & his wife. Please pray for the mother, Sonika, as she's been battling sickness that has kept her from work. Read more [HERE]


4yrs. ago Mission of Mercy (One Child Matters) introduced me to an adorable little girl from Honduras. 3 yrs. ago i was given the opportunity to meet her, her family and the wonderful staff she receives GODLY instruction from. i hope to one day visit again as a testament of GOD'S GOODNESS & PROVISION when you simply TRUST & OBEY!


More than 4 yrs. ago GOD led me to sponsor a child through Compassion Intl., 2 yrs. ago i was able to meet my sponsor child Hasaan & his muslim family in Tanzania, Africa. i instantly fell in love with this young man and now he's a part of my family. The short time i spent with him was enough to impact ME, him & his commitment to TRUST & support is an investment that i believe will change the course of their lives!