The number of gods in the Hindu religion is in the millions. So imagine me walking into a wool shop in Kathmandu, Nepal to discover a 2 yr. old photo of me and the young assistant store manager, alongside "the gods." My heart was joyful!

I don't claim to be a god. I’m just a once "skinny" puerto rican kid who loves peace signs, hats, the big cross around his neck and enough of the real GOD to claim space atop the dusty shelves of a shop in Kathmandu.

GOD must have held off on the inspiration for the camera until after Christ because that much exposure probably wasn't HIS thing. HE was captured in hearts and processed in the dark-room moments of lives. Regardless of how people responded to HIS presence, HE marked those that came in contact with HIM. We cannot control how people respond after interacting with us but as Oswald Chambers notes:

"but when HIS SPIRIT is having HIS way with us, we live according to HIS standard without knowing it, and on looking back we are amazed at the disinterestedness of a particular emotion, which is the evidence that the spontaneity of real love was there.”

Chambers adds, "Love is not premeditated, it is spontaneous, it bursts up in extraordinary ways. It is not mathematical..."

YES! How wearisome to try to concoct or convince others of the LOVE that was so freely poured into us (Rom. 5:5,) and to be poured out of us and into the WORLD! i LOVE because HE first LOVED (1 John 4:19.) It is in my GOD-DNA to love my neighbor-the stranger, the orphan, the widow, the wealthy, the accused, the lonely, the abused, the forgotten, the lost. 



GOD's flow of LOVE isn't interrupted by our busyness, tardiness or absence.

GOD loved these children more before you arrived, and HE will continue to love them more after you depart.
— a fellow MissionHEir

Pause and think about that magnificent TRUTH...



TRUTH worth applying, not justifying...GO LOVE!

Our presence, if we claim to follow CHRIST, should be a reflection of HIS LOVE. What are you reflecting? i don't gather folks will always hang photos of you in their shops or homes, but they'll capture you in their hearts and those are moments worth developing!




  • It was great to see that i was remembered at the shop, but exposure isn't GOSPEL. TRUTH sets people free not smiley faces.
  • LOVE well & LOVE deep: a few minutes in the life of another is a setup for TRUTH. 
  • GOD will use moments. Be sure HIS SPIRIT is having HIS WAY with YOU!