They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were SEEds.
— Mexican Proverb

Ever CREATE a person? i mean from scratch like GOD did..crazy i know. How did GOD do that? Let me tell you, HE used:

1. HIS breath, voice..

2. Earth's dirt, dust, particles..

3. A man's rib..

BOOM, done! 

Ok, creation might've been a bit more elaborate than just my 3 points, but one thing it wasn't: DIFFICULT! 

Think about it..the creator of the universe speaks life and life becomes. i'm definitely asking for a replay when heaven arrives.

So what does CREATION have to do with this project called SEEds? EVERYTHING!

Imagine this space        the one below  

Imagine with me, take a second, the sweet sound of freedom escaping the mouths of young boys and girls with no worries for hours at a time. Unhindered laughter painting concrete floors splashed with greens and yellows. The sounds of musical instruments and voices filling the left behind cracks of yesterday's gloom. The sound of foot-to-takraw and hand-to-volleyball, basketball, pencil and pen. The 'snap-snap' sounds of cameras capturing and 'splat-splat' sounds of paintbrushes coloring..the sounds are endless.

These sounds are the sounds of CREATION, sons and daughters enduring and overcoming the tragedy of 65+ years of civil war.

Why does this matter? Because right here in Mae Sot Thailand GOD has given me and my team, Outpour Movement, an opportunity to build a creative space [SEEds] for youth of various backgrounds and faiths..from scratch! 

A space where kids can be kids and grow into so much more. 

In order to do this we have to raise money, no biggie, GOD is faithful..but that also means that i have to get off my fanny and ask, email, post, tag, ask again..but mostly, i get to TRUST GOD!

Not only are we creating the SEEds space, but we're also buying land for an Emergency Placement Home for victims of trafficking and abuse, as well as expanding our current Training Center that provides youth from Burma with fair paying jobs [view all details here]. To fund the our whole project we're on a mission to raise $180,000, my personal goal is to raise $20,000 and hopefully beyond :)

i'm thinking i could sell 800 tees for $25 a pop..

or maybe i could put together a bike event that connects both worlds..

or maybe i could write a spoken word piece to inspire a movement..

or maybe..

One thing's for sure..i want for YOU to watch this video, this touching story of when we found our first SEEd, a young boy by the name of Khin who grew up in the dumps of Maesot.

Maybe you can't give me $20,000, but you could help me fundraise, you could help me get one step closer to the CREATION of a SPACE that will transform lives..a SPACE you get to build with me, with us, from SCRATCH!