Thank YOU!



PRAYING for me..

TRUSTING with me..


LOVING through me..

For that time in April when you SENT me off to the WORLD

First to Nepal..when you reunited me with my Nepalese family that i’d met 2yrs. prior.

When (i) (you)=WE provided for the same Nepalese family, a single mother & her children during a very difficult time when her husband, their father walked out on them.                                                                                                                           That time WE were able to help when their small 10X10 room, they called home, burned down. 

That time when WE enrolled this Nepalese mother’s kids into a good school, paid their rent (new room) for 6 months, bought them shoes, clothes, food, and some propane for cooking.

Mercy to the needy is a loan to GOD,
and GOD pays back those loans in full. -Proverbs 19:17

That time you flew me to Thailand..

Where you helped to introduce me to my Refuge family, youth from Burma  living in an overcrowded Refugee camp in Thailand.

That time when we moved that same Refuge family into a home in Thailand, put them in school, bought them uniforms, helped with food, building, fellowship..and even something as simple as a radio so they could WORSHIP and feel at HOME.

The times you afford me opportunities to reach out to young men who’ve only known Buddhism as “the way,” you’ve allowed me to BE here, to be LOVE, to be JOY, to be that PEACE that opens their hearts to the TRUTH & LOVE of a GOD, our GOD who calls us SONS!

Those times we've been able to invest into a muslim community in need of OUR FATHER’S LOVE, to break bread with a sick muslim young man whose not so openly accepted by his own people..

Those times we've been able to LOVE a 13 yr. old boy, formerly living in the trash dumps, a former street boy who endured betrayal, abuse and rejection by his own family..a boy whose story i will never be able to grasp, but whose new smile, new JOY, i, WE can relate to--oh so well.

Those times i find myself attempting to teach english to a classroom of ANGELS, more than orphans, whose HEART to learn is beyond inspiring.

Those times i find myself crossing the border into Burma, into another world, another story of horror turning into HOPE because men like our dear friend Myo are choosing to believe in a GOD who RESTORES.

Those times when i find myself crying out to ABBA for REVIVAL in this country, for authorities to be influenced by GOD’S TRUTH, to be transformed by HIS LOVE, to be encountered by HIS PEACE..

These moments are but a glimpse of how GOD is using the BODY, the you, the me in countries around the WORLD..GLIMPSES possible through your PRAYERS & SUPPORT!

So again i say,

Khop Khun Krap *Thai

Ce-Zu Tin-Ba-Deh *Burmese



INVEST and BE a PART of what we're doing




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