Happy to write that Peter Khin was released from the youth facility about a month ago and is currently living at the New Jerusalem Ministry Home, where he is being discipled and attending the local Thai school.

Khin's life inspires, a former street/dump boy who is discovering his identity in ABBA one day at a time.

Click HERE to read a CNN article about the hopelessness Khin once lived in.

Also thankful for the new cart that we were able to purchase for A'Jay, to help him be more efficient with his work and to hopefully give his feet some rest & recovery in the sweltering heat here.

Since meeting A'Jay a few months ago, he's not only heard the Gospel, but is encountering it through the lives of people who LOVE, because HE first LOVED! ABBA is helping him move, but also moving in his HEART!

The BeUtify Project was a success, families arrived..we played, we sang, we danced, we painted and we even broke bread together. JESUS was there, we just made people aware. Unity comes at the cost, the intentional effort of building relationships with the people you DON'T KNOW, a cost we at OUTPOUR MOVEMENT are willing to pay. We LOVE because HE first LOVED! GOye!

What's NEXT:

i'm DREAMING again..many of you know that i've had a heart for street children and the arts for a long time. Well, come September i will be transitioning into a new space, a space i PRAY will become a CREATIVE HAVEN for street children, a space for PRAYER, WORSHIP and GROWTH! Right now i'm praying, and simply posturing myself for this next season, don't know details, don't know location, don't know how much, but i KNOW! i know that ABBA's in control and that HE's the GREATEST director that Hollywood still can't seem to find. SO come September i will step out and i will trust and watch GOD do what HE does best, ORCHESTRATE! 

RIGHT NOW: i'm simply PRAYING/FASTING together with a few young men from Burma who will potentially join me as staff. i am looking for THE SPACE, THE BUILDING, THE PLACE where GOD will revive the HEARTS of YOUTH! i am in the process of developing a budget for this endeavor and will humbly ask YOU to SUPPORT US monthly to see this PROJECT off the ground. Please pray, stay tuned and i dare you to ask GOD what your role is in this project, this dream, this opportunity to see a GENERATION TRANSFORMED for CHRIST! #GOye

My current NEED: i'm kinda in serious need of more monthly support, as some some of my amazing supporters from this past year on the field have had to steward their donations else where..would you consider joining me.. $25, $50, $100 a month. (Click Below/Email Me)