They tried to bury US. They didn’t know we were SEEDS.
— Mexican Proverb

3 days ago i arrived in the U.S. [Chicago] for a short visit with family & friends, and hopefully new friends, new strangers, and new family by trip's end. From January 1st until right now, 1:45am CDT (super jet lag,) my life has been:















                               vulnerable..and so many more of these wonderful words.

One word my life hasn't been is: regretful.

Every valley, every storm, every mess, every trip and fall, every lie fought, every misunderstanding talked through, every ounce of tears, every loss of strength, every fade of hope, every can of questions and every gallon of doubt..

has been WORTH fighting through to sit at the table. 

Through it all, i know where my HELP comes from, my HELP comes from the LORD!
— Psalms 121:2

This table, this wood stained, glossed table i speak of is where a group of SEEDS have been sitting, the young boys and girls who don't know where their HELP comes from. They've gotten a glimpse when we've reflected, but my HOPE is greater: that they would KNOW the MAKER of heaven and earth! 

HOW? Many of you know, i've been living in Thailand as a missionary for almost 2 years..teaching english, volunteering with my team [OutPour Movement] at our self-sustaining projects aka a burger restaurant and bike shop start-ups that provide Youth from Burma fair paying wages and business/trade skills. The rest of my days are usually spent with the street child, the families with less than enough, the Buddhist, the Muslim. These relationships continue to flourish and so does the vision for a CREATIVE SPACE, a SANCTUARY of sorts for youth who need a SAFE place to simply BE and EXPRESS. 

a place we will call SEEds.

Why SEEds? 

..because for the last 60+ years the people of Burma have been uprooted from their land and forced to survive elsewhere. The result, a young generation [scattered SEEds] searching for their roots in foreign lands. My team and i have been doing some gathering of SEEds because we understand that a SEED planted in good soil-space GROWS, and growth is only made possible by the people doing the SOWING, the WATERING, and of course the SON. An opportunity for us, an opportunity for you. Stay tuned as we develop and implement our core creative projects that will give youth the opportunity to create, to learn, to GROW! can’t bury a SEED.

Partner with me and my team as we purpose to change lives, inspire futures and simply introduce children to their FATHER!

On May 9th we will gather to SHARE our MOMENTS and the MOMENTS we look forward to having with the YOUTH of Thailand and Burma..

JOIN US! Take a minute..Visit: for complete details and COME be a part of the MOMENT YOU..CHANGED the WORLD!


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