God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.
— Hudson Taylor, MissionHEir to China

SO i GO! TRUSTING that my OBEDIENCE will be the first steps to understanding HIS way. i've committed to living & encountering new life in Thailand and Burma with an open heart to the possibility of forever. The desire to be with the least of these in other worlds doesn't go away, that deep well of desire to 




                                    GROW WITH the many kids that occupy the streets of Thailand and Burma...but i                                           know too well that this journey isn't mine alone, it's also yOURS! 

Go, send, or disobey.
— J.P.

So, how can YOU be a part of CROWNING HEARTS?  

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My TEAM: we are fundraising for a TRUCK..it's kinda hard hosting teams, working with LOTS of children or transporting equipment on bicycles, so WE NEED a TRUCK! Read more here: 


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Transportation: hope to have a moped at some point for ministry work in city and villages...

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