God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.
— Hudson Taylor, MissionHEir to China

So, how can YOU be a part of CROWNING HEARTS?  

Currently: if you'd like to give monthly (email me for details.) Consider how GOD might be compelling you to give: monthly or one-time, every INVESTment helps! [GIVING options below]

My TEAM: we are fundraising for a TRUCK..it's kinda hard hosting teams, working with LOTS of children or transporting equipment on bicycles, so WE NEED a TRUCK! Read more here: 


Go, send, or disobey.
— J.P.

i am HONORED to GO and Raise Support through my home church, CityLights Church Community, in Chicago. For Tax-Deductible DONATIONS visit the church website at:

www.lightinthecity.com/give *

[*REASON for this donation: Michael Perez or MPMT]

or GIVE directly into my PAYPAL by clicking the DONATE button below. Or you could QUICKPAY, if you have a CHASE account, with the following email:


Thank YOU!

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Transportation: hope to have a moped at some point for ministry work in city and villages...

Frequent Flyer Miles: to fly home or abroad if need be due to limited Visa stay or for ministry projects outside of the Country...