a  son, a poet, a brother, a disciple..i am a Puerto Rican American who inhabited & journeyed Chicago's streets for the better of 21 yrs. i am human adventuring with the divine in places men call Thailand and Burma. i am my mother's, arroz con gandules, greatest fan. i am a grand-momma's boy who survived cook-county hospital visits and CTA winter-hole-punched bus rides. i am a brother raised by 2 sisters in the wilderness of fashion and respect. i am a pentecostal turned conservative turned mystic walking with Yahweh. i am alive and becoming well, hopefully deep enough to hold enough water for those thirsty. i am a voice learning to mute. i am a play learning to pause. i am a fastforward learning to slow down. i am you on your worst day. i am them on my best hour. i am the blackness behind the stars and the speck of shine that radiates. i am lost where HE finds and found where HE chooses. i am loved.. 


i am REFUGE-E.