You can read the Bible by yourself, but you can’t LIVE the Bible by yourself!
— Pastor Eddie, MissionHeir to Chicago

"Class photo" with young scholars just outside of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Some people run triathlons. Others compose symphonies, design skyscrapers or become masters in karate. 

Michael Perez speaks words of life.

Growing up in urban Chicago, Michael developed an early interest in spoken-word poetry and the power of language to change lives. Hip-hop culture deeply influenced him at a young age, but after connecting with the Word of God as a teenager, he tied the two passions together and began speaking messages of hope to point people to Christ.

When a year-long trip to China fell through 10 years ago, Michael couldn’t help but ask what God had planned for his future. Little did he know, he would soon travel on missions trips to Turkey and Honduras, and later on an 11-month journey to 11 countries called the World Race. These experiences fanned a flame in Michael's heart for loving deep and giving big, especially to impoverished youth throughout the world. 

Sympathy is no substitute for action.
— David Livingstone, MissionHeir to Africa

One night, while strolling down a crowded street in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2011, Michael encountered what he considers to be "a street angel," a young boy named Rakesh, who works the streets to help support his family (watch video.) He soon learned that Rakesh, like thousands of other children there, endure the extreme dangers of the streets every day. This simple interaction soon became a memory that Michael would replay in his mind almost every day. He realized he had to make a long-term commitment to support the street children of Asia.

Michael strives to live by Jim Elliot's quote: 

He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose
— Jim Elliot, MissionHeir to Ecuador

He counts it a privilege to offer his life and love to God, and he believes that as he walks in faith, he will see hundreds of impoverished children like Rakesh find richness and destiny in Christ.

Kingdom Come,

Curt Devine, Writer, Friend and co-MissionHeir []